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Timescales cannot be guaranteed but typically we expect a response from the Commission in 1-2 months following submission of the application. No interview is required and there is no need to travel to Belize. This will be one of the main points that ifsc will evaluate when deciding whether to grant the license to the applicant or not. Although there are still some offshore jurisdictions where forex is unregulated, it is unattractive to do business in these jurisdictions because it will be badly viewed by investors and banks, making it almost impossible to receive funds from investors. No local directors are required and no physical operation or employees are required in Belize or Vanuatu to operate such a licensed company. Are available at your 10 strategies trading cryptocurrency choice. Belize ForEx, licensing Procedure, if you are considering starting a Forex trading, payment processing or any other financial service company, you will have to go through two steps: Company registration. A Belize forex licence can be obtained relatively quickly and cheaply, but at the same time it is a well-regulated jurisdiction and will satisfy international banks and payment service providers for account opening purposes. If the licence is approved by the Financial Services Commission, then the licensee must pay an annual fee of USD 5,000 to the government immediately on acceptance, and annually thereafter. Application Process and Fees, belize initial licence application FEE (per licence USD 7,995.

licence forex belize

Belize is considered to be a well-regulated jurisdiction that will satisfy international banks and payment service providers for account opening purposes.
The only country, where a company is able to obtain.
Forex, trading, licence at a low cost and with a minimum security deposit.

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We recommend Belize as it has introduced licensing legislation specifically aimed at forex trading businesses. Money exchange 75,000 USD, money transmission and payment processing services, money brokering, money lending and pawning 50,000 USD. Vanuatu has no paid in capital requirement other than a 2,000 government fee that is paid along with the professional fees. Are you ready to apply for a Belize financial services licence? The New Zealand FSP also was a popular option but since January 2015 the New Zealand FMA has been scrutinising all FSP applications for forex trading and delaying decisions without providing any real reasons. . Other former popular entry point options like BVI and Mauritius have increased their requirements and costs. Application for the license. They only consider applications in writing. Brokerage, consultancy and advisory services, safe custody services, accounting services, international asset protection and management 25,000 USD.

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