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result from his tax and spending policies. Once in office, Trump could also end Obamas sanctions against Russia, as its time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. Clinton has been the favorite all along and until about two weeks ago, it looked like she was heading for an easy landslide victory. Forecasts show that Trumps infrastructure investment plan will increase public debt dramatically to around 130 of GDP within 10 years. But there is no clear view on how Trumps policies are really going to be implemented. Those deficient infrastructures will roughly costs 3,400 per household per year by 2025, according. Rising uncertainties on Trumps policy results. They realised that such consequences were much more severe than the consequences of co-existing with a reckless president who is not aware of the complexities and complications of politics. Lets see how we can still use the Trump Effect to improve our forex trading performances in 2017. On the other side of the Atlantic, you should closely monitor the brexit timetable and discussions around brexit negotiations. If Trump sets up his protectionist economic program, this could lead to higher inflation. The cost-push inflation theory occurs when companies increase prices if they have to bear higher production costs.

It is important to consider, for a moment, the official Arab positions on Trumps policies, most recently the position on the Golan Heights. The instant the perception becomes general, stock markets globally, and within the United States particularly, will fall sharply, and all markets involving stocks and havens or the.S. Trumps shifting positions on many issues doesnt allow us to predict a clear post-election scenario. This can be dangerous without proper money-management rules. Trump has spoken previously of lowering company tax from 35. Therefore, the deep state was convinced that living with him is better than getting rid of him and that they could later solve the problems he caused with their allies, as well as continue to pressure him to change his direction on various matters.

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With Trumps policies, inflation is expected to rise faster, and could thus accelerate towards the 2 FED target. Uncertainty is one of the things we fear the most as traders. This could generate a major boost for the American economy. Winners and losers on the forex market in 2017 As we have often highlighted in previous articles : investors expectations with respect to monetary policy decisions (easing or tightening) will have an impact on a currency. So, as investors are expecting the FED to increase rates, they will look to invest in the US dollar. 35 on Mexican products imported from companies that are outsourcing American jobs to Mexico. As forex traders, weve closely followed the brexit issue during the first part of 2016. The Russian Ruble might benefit from increasing oil prices and improvements in its relationship with the. This also includes the major issue in the Middle East, the conflict with the Zionist project. And Europe have the largest bilateral trade and investment partnership in the world. This leaves the GBP and the EUR, which would usually be classified as risk currencies, but I see these two as likely to behave differently, with the EUR acting somewhat like the Swiss Franc and rising against the USD. But since his election, Donald Trump seemed to have moderated his tone and controlled his behaviour, which market participants have had appreciated since then.

Investors will closely watch all brexit developments, as Theresa May said she would trigger Article 50 during the 1st semester of 2017. You have different ways to assess macroeconomic consequences of Trumps victory. Hard Brexit negotiations will weigh on the pound, as Theresa May wants to give priority to immigration control over the advantages of the single market. Trump has said that he will pass some important bills within the first 100 days of his presidency.

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