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because 2 and 1 are to the left. Because.618 distance between A and B ended at this place. On a 1-hour chart it looks like an uptrend, and there is a potential swing where we can draw the retracement levels:.13. It may be a support from previous important highs, like in the example below:.12. We are truly grateful! You can check this, for example,. The remaining 80 have no idea when to exit. Especially when you trade Bitcoin or another crypto.

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My extension level 118 is almost exactly in the same place as the weekly. If this rule is a too complicated for you, start from dividing your position into two parts. It is because there is a chance that a price will stop and reverse at one of those levels. As on the chart below, after the correction to 78, I would wait and enter after the candle closes back above the 50 MA (red line). Find the swing which you will draw the retracement and extension lines for. You can play this scenario by entering the near retracement level and trend line. At the end of this guide, you can find instructions how to install Pivot points in the MetaTrader software. Below, I marked 3 possible places where you can place your stop loss order in such a case:.9. When you draw the retracement levels, it looks as if it was working. It does not matter if you are using macd, moving averages, RSI, CCI or other oscillators. We hunt for a strong move forward to the extension line.