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Var ir new IntrinioRealtime( api _key: "intrinio_ API _KEY provider: "iex" ) destroy - Closes the WebSocket, stops the self-healing and heartbeat intervals. Default: All other available currencies. If no onError callback has been registered and no event listener has been registered, the error will be thrown.

If options is a string it will be used as the base currency parameter. Example "object " forex "from "usd "to "thb "rate.85436545, "location forex /usd returns a forex object. This module provides a simple wrapper around the.

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It automatically deserializes darren richardson forex the data into a native Javascript object and provides information about the response. Each data provider has a different format for their" data. Must be a valid 3 letter upper case currency code as provided by /v1/currencies. The client will automatically register joined channels and establish the proper subscriptions with the WebSocket connection. Base: 'USD'" A single currency code, or an array of currency codes to cross against the base currency. Installation npm install intrinio-realtime -save, example Usage var IntrinioRealtime require intrinio-realtime / Create an IntrinioRealtime instance var ir new IntrinioRealtime( api _key: "intrinio aPI _KEY provider: "iex" ) / Listen for"s. Data will look something like this: remaining"s: 100000 For plans that have no" limits, remaining"s will equal "unlimited". TCurencies(data_set, callback) Returns the /v1/currencies.

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