how much money to start forex trading

Beware of the markets you trade as the tick size and value differ from one asset class to another. Forex trading can make you lots of money. If the answer is because youre looking for a quick fix, admit it, and determine whether thats the only reason.

How much money do you need to start forex trading?

how much money to start forex trading

Is it enough to trade? Dont try to be a jack of all traders and switch from one underlying asset to another. For this reason, some brokers ask for relatively high initial deposits.

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Many day traders in the futures markets tend to spend hours watching the charts. It will also cause you to fail as a trader. That is a huge mistake. But even advanced traders can be felled by not having risk capital. Do you want it to be your primary income? Learn to Trade the Right Way Trading futures with a small account Many futures brokerages offer to open a trading account for as little as 5000. He said that you can start thinking about trading as full time career when you make more money in a month from trading then from your day job. The wrong questions, any good trader knows that these are not the questions you should be asking when considering Forex trading. Try to use that in real money trading and you will understand quickly why you need all that money for start. Performance bond is also known as an initial margin and it is paid up front.

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