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searching the site for this AirBit Club review, we noticed that youll never see mention of the owner, a company address, or any real contact information. If youve recently been invited to join AirBit Club USA, Airbit Club Philippines or m from an old friend, beware! The rest of your money is eaten up in excuses and tricks, such as paying out in lower currency so you lose money in the conversion, limiting how much you can attempt to withdraw, and further withdrawal restrictions to discourage you from figuring out that. Air Bit figure harmonique forex Club Pro Account: Even though a professional is technically below an executive or a corporation, this is by far the most expensive scam. Truthfully, all of your money is being funneled upward. Always remember: Real companies do not have to hide their contact information.

One of the tricks that AirBit Club Signup utilizes to justify paying you nothing is that they alter the conversion rate before a payout. This is one of the surest signs that all they intend to do is scam you out of your time and money, and when they do, theres no way to contact them again. In addition to this, there have been old FaceBook posts from the website claiming that Gutemberg dos Santos as a co-founder of the company. Minute bonuses are offered to members if they can forex download csv eod python trick their friends into investing hundreds of dollars, which is part of the reason this scam keeps getting bigger as time goes. To date, there is no legitimate trading system that can deliver anywhere close to the results BitBackOffice represents. Dont let the Ponzi scheme layout fool you; they also draw inspiration from pyramid schemes! The AirBit Club claims to pay an ROI on investment packages, which they claim is up to 300 times. The, firetip Online Trading platform is simple, powerful software recommended for day traders and position traders working mostly with futures and options. BitBackOffice, payouts : Whats AirBit Club ROI On Investment? Number two, the company admits to being a Ponzi scheme right on their homepage! As with any good scam, youll have to pay a fee to join in this money-making scheme. If you werent already sure this is a scam, theres also a retirement plan you can buy into!