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Conference Call pg 16 View photos That's. In kndis case, at the time it listed, it did not need to raise any money so right or wrong, it decided to go public in the US by merging into a dormant publically trading entity, or shell company in 2007. . If Private Equity investors are excited backing the understudies, you can bet they would love the opportunity to back the Boss. As an example of kndis free-standing independence, in this last quarter, kndi had total revenues of 38 million almost double the.8 million generated by the kndi. (Attack articles mainly during the Chinaphobia years of 2011 to 2014 against all US-traded China stock) Most were attacking Chairman Hu personally with no evidence of wrongdoing, but in one instance, even brought his Mother in China into the article by posting a picture of her condo!

As early as this past spring, there was much Wall Street talk about bringing NIO public with a 15 billion-plus Market Cap, this despite they only having one EV on the market and some 2,500 total sold of this 60,000. . Each Partner owns. (While researching this information, my mind kept wandering back to a great recent movie, (which I strongly recommend Crazy Rich Asians.). Note in the table above, only kndi JV as of January 8, 2019, has a coveted license. While things have slowed somewhat since the kndi Q2 CC in August, Chairman Hu confirmed the JV companys goal to be on track for 200,000 EVs per year by the end of 2020 as you can see from this excerpt from the Aug. Hu served as: (i) Factory Director of the Yongkang Instrument Factory, (ii) Factory Director of the Yongkang Mini Car Factory, (iii) Chairman and General Manager of the Yongkang Vehicle Company, (iv) General Manager of the Wan Xiang Electric Vehicle Developing Center and (v) the General Manager of the Wan Xiang Battery. This is what they call in China, a back-door listing, similar to a reverse merger in the US, but likely with a commensurate stock offering. Or maybe one of the major short seller traders with half a brain reads this report and decides to forget about the cheese, just let me out of the trap and front-run the balance of the.1 million shares short.

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In fact, kndi SC has already received. This new licensing topic was covered heavily in my prior article in the section about kndi being awarded one of the last OEM licensed under the old rules, much less restricted than the current. Note that the other seven have already raised.6 billion in Private Equity and have a perceived value of almost 24 billion! Kndi reports all significant events happening in the JV along with its own news releases. Kandi-Geely JV is Awarded its own Manufacturing License in the very near future. Texts randtext) randtext trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. Geely Holdings is a private company 100 owned by Li Shufu one of China's ten wealthiest men and unquestionably Top Auto industrialist.