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have found that the /.gnomerc will not work on Jaunty Ubuntu when one is upgrading from Intrepid; apparently the /.gconf/ directory is incompatible or something, so Gnome/Ubuntu will not read.gnomerc and any settings in it will be ignored. In a sense, Gnomon saved my life. If you are not using your distro package manager to install xmonad, for best results configure your build to install xmonad to a location in the system environment like /usr/local/bin/.

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Recruiters who hire for the industry, really know that Gnomon graduates know what they're doing - that they have the strong foundation they're looking for. Ubuntu Precise Installing xmonad in Precise adds a "gnome with XMonad" session option, but as of, this session doesn't work out-of-the-box, due to a missing gnome-panel dependency (see ). Logging out of the Gnome session. There should be an option in dconf-editor that will make it go away. Ubuntu See below for version-specific instructions I had tried above methods described by "simple hybrid but they are not staight forward and didn't work. Overwatch turns two this month! But, the contents of the art script are simply the following: export window_managerxmonad gnome-session This gives all the bells and whistles of gnome, including integrated logout support, etc, while also allowing xmonad and gnome to be selected as separate sessions from the login screen. Gconftool-2 -u That alone didn't work for. The work-around is essentially to remove.gconf entirely.