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bearish, and all the rules of trade for them a mirror. Second target.886.0. Therefore, in order not to duplicate description, describe the strategy for bullish patterns. Figure 2, in Figure 3 you see a pattern, «Dragon» 30-minute price chart (M30) futures Dow E-mini. 2-m forex confirmation of this pattern is closing prices above the level of the resulting «hump which represents the maximum oscillation between the two resulting «legs dragon.». Must be able to draw a trendline from the head shape to highest point of the hump of the Dragon Example. Target the swing usd rub graphique forexpf low prior to the first leg. Inverse Dragon patterns are similar to M pattern. At the point of intersection of this line with the price to enter the market. A trendline is drawn connecting the top of the head and top of the first leg. I would say on the contrary, the formation of the figure, if the second paw is longer, the potential movement more; The trend line (from the head to the hump shapes) should be well visualized, otherwise it makes no sense to continue the pattern analysis;.

C «Hump the Dragon» (must be within.38.5 of AB). There also want to remind you, as I wrote in the article about the patterns that we should not use them as a signal to enter. The nuances of the trade figures Dragon on Forex. Enter the market when the price breaks the support line, dot (1 Take profit (TP) at the level of the starting point of the first pulse shapes; Stop loss (SL) put a few items before the top of the figure. Dragon patterns usually form at market bottoms. Enter a long trade at 12,520 on the close above the high of the breakout bar. Open trading position to buy at the price of 12520 at the closing price over the maximum of the breakdown bar.

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